Next up in our Take Ten series: Racheal Kizza!

1. Who is Racheal Kizza?

I am a budding entrepreneur with a passion for youth work and fashion. I am a Co-Director of Keezal (a mobile clothing business) and a full time project co-coordinator at Kyusa, a nonprofit organization that exists to solve the issue of youth unemployment in rural and urban slums. I am also a youth leader in different forums, blogger, mentor, public speaker, writer, facilitator and trainer, as well as a founding director of the Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network (CWEN), a platform that brings together Christian women in business to connect, create and collaborate. I serve as the Executive Board Secretary for CWEN.

2. What is your occupation ?

I am a social worker and currently work as a program coordinator with an NGO called Kyusa, which exists to solve the problem of youth unemployment in rural and urban areas.

3. Are you currently doing a job you love or working towards it?

I am currently doing a job that I love and I am excited to go to work each waking day. I am passionate about youth work and Kyusa allows me nurture that passion to help youth reach their full potential.

4. What will that be?

See above.

5. How did you hear about Teakisi?

I heard about Teakisi from a former member and friend, Acom Victoria.

6. What does Teakisi mean to you?

It’s a forum for African women to tell their stories in a creative way.

7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I plan to be an author and contributing writer, owner of my own clothing and jewelry line, speaker, trainer, philanthropist and media personality.

8. Name three things you can’t do without?

• God
• Family
• Phone, because I can do pretty much anything with it; read, write, connect with people, read my bible, be informed etc.

9. What’s the one thing you would change about Africa if you had the chance to?

The plight of the girl child regarding education, which is a basic right but. There are still glitches in the education sector and I strongly believe education opens unfathomable doors for girls to be who they dream of being.

10. Name five African women who inspire you?

-Winnie Byanyima, a Ugandan who is the executive director of Oxfam International.
-Fadumo Dayib, Somalia’s first female presidential candidate.
-Nancy Kacungira, a tv and media personality.
-Linda Ikeji, one of the highest paid bloggers in Nigeria.
-Noeline Kirabo, who has dedicated her life to empower youth in rural and urban slums.