Another Friday, another piece spotlighting the women behind Teakisi. This week we head to the largest East African country that is known for its exotic wildlife, rich culture and ancient cities.

Who is …

I’m Eunice Tossy, a 25 year old Tanzanian woman, who is on a journey to learn more about Africa, being African and Christianity. I am a blogger at where I write authentically about life, culture and faith, everything from relationship to finance to what faith means to me. I am also working in community development , something that I’m really passionate about apart from my blog, I believe communities know better and have better solutions than International Non government organizations do

What’s your occupation?

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, however I work in community development and content creation full time.

Are you currently doing a job you love or working towards it?

Yes. I am. I full time create contents and I’m currently enrolled in a course where I am learning about community development, the history of International aid and everything related to the global development sector which I’m really passionate about.

How do you stay motivated?

I always remind myself about the joy I feel after I do the work, this always motivates me. So I tell myself you are always feeling fulfilled when you write or always feel active when you work out, so maybe you should do (what needs to be done) to get that feeling again. I also read other people’s works or watch documentary or read books, seeing other people’s work inspires me to work as well.

Eunice Tossy

How did you hear about Teakisi?


What does Teakisi mean to you?

Sisterhood. I love seeing us women from different countries in Africa sharing our thoughts on this space. Teakisi means unity to me. Teakisi means power, African women’s power to change the narrative and writing our own.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer especially because I’ve learned from this year’s experience that I can’t for sure know where I will be, a lot happens in a year. But I hope wherever I will be, I will have peace, joy and fulfillment. Only God knows where I will be.

Name three thing you can’t do without?

God’s grace and love, Food and good people that genuinely care about me and I the same.

What’s the one thing you could change about Africa if you had the chance to?

The mindset of Africans, the way we see ourselves, but also the narrative that has been told about us for so long. The negative image that is associated with Africa and being African.

Name five African women who inspire you?

I have actually edited my answer for this question more than once, I mentioned more names than required. The truth is Africa is blessed with phenomenal women, whose works impact their families, communities, countries, our continent and our world. The truth is I’m inspired by an African mother who wakes up before dawn to go to work as I’m of Zozibini Tunzi who won Miss Universe.
I’m inspired by an African woman who gives life skills education in schools as I’m of Joyce Banda, the first female president of Malawi. I’m inspired by a woman who sings about peace, changing our mindset and loving ourselves as I’m of a single mother who is teaching these things to her kids everyday. All I want to say is whether you are famous or not, whether you receive emails from people who pour their love for you or don’t feel appreciated or seen by anyone for what you do for them, you inspire me to be, to live, to take up space and to fight.

You are a trailblazer, you are a changemaker, you are a contributor, you are leaving a mark where you are. And dear African woman, you inspire me to do the same.You inspire me to be. I’m proud of you. I see you, I’m because you are.