Main Chick Vs Side Chick

  • by Ayandola Ayanleke
  • Mar 22, 2019
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“He loves you, that’s why he is cheating behind your back and not to your face.” “No matter what he does, he will still come back to me.” “I am the main chick, the one he comes back home to. The side chicks are just lewd women he sleeps with.” How many times have we […]


Adulterous Husbands Want The Good Girls Too

By Mahbuba Matovu It’s a public holiday and school is cancelled, so I decide to spend the day updating my blog. The mood is perfect. It’s only 1 pm but it’s raining like crazy with dark clouds dominating the skies. I cozy up in my lady-cave with dim lamp-shade lighting while timeless hits from Jazmine […]