By Grace Ancillar

I was that girl that slouched on her chair at 10am, replied with a thousand GIFS that illustrated exhaustion every time someone asked how I was, and my job became a chore that made laundry seem like a breeze. My skin was complaining, my mood was affected and I was tired of people playing happy on Tik Tok. The thought of my job, pandemic and my bank wallet was enough for me to ruin a perfectly good morning that I decided to do something about my mental health. I hope this helps you.


Doing your nails, giving yourself a massage or DIY face masks count as self-care. Nothing brightens my day after a day of complaining and walking into walls than doing my nails. Try it out and let me know how it goes. When it comes to face masks you don’t need to go to debt, you can use basic ingredients in your house like turmeric and honey.

Read a book

I promise no one will judge you if you read a smutty book with no storyline because you want to, and because you can. Sometimes you need an escape right!? I totally do this sometimes and I am unapologetic about it. And if you plan to make new friends while swooning or cringing over Christian Grey then I reckon you join an online book club. Trust me, arguing about plot twists or characters can be self-care.


Have we established yet that I am not Beyoncé and I cannot dance in heels, but I do dance in front of a million people in my head that I call neurons to Baby Shark LOL and a lot of Afro songs, because the motherland never disappoints on beats.


I am yet to finish that scarf I started in May, but I have found out that knitting relaxes me and gives me a sense of purpose. Try it! No-one is expecting a quilt or a Woolworths worthy scarf from you.


Nothing screams ‘self-care’ like a Banana Cake and Strawberry Milkshake *wink*. Top off that Banana Cake with an episode of the British Bake Off because uhmm self-care is watching bakers face off for the ultimate price while you cut through your perfectly baked Banana Cake.


Before you eye-roll, please hear me out. Its okay to just exercise for self-care and as a form of de-stress and not to achieve that summer body goal in a month. I don’t necessarily run a marathon but I prefer doing 7 minutes of cardio and 100 skips everyday


When the thought of meditating crossed my mind at one time, I promise my ancestors rolled on the floor and laughed because my first session was a disaster. I wore my yoga pants, did my best impersonation of a stylish head wrap, lit 12 candles and closed my eyes for 30 minutes that turned to 2 hours of nap time. I have since gotten better at it and trust me when I say, it’s so relaxing.


Who said colouring was for children? I absolutely love to colour because not only does it make me smile but it distracts me from whatever is stealing my joy. As of today I have colored Santa, Snow White and the three dwarfs (still to get to the other four). 


I may have painted the kitchen door pink, and as of now I am really unapologetic about it because it’s such a calming colour. And every time I open it, yummy treats await this hungry afropolitan woman.


Sleeping counts as self-care and it’s even better if you snore *wink*

How do you de-stress?