Sing me a Song my lover, Sing me praises

Words of beauty, Words that woo the wind to dance

Sway with leaves on branches, Words that melt my soul

That pierce sharply within, Make me ache within

Touch my heart mi amor, Wrap your strong hands around it

Warm it with your wiles, Don’t let it go lest I lose your valour

Weaken me with your senses, Let me tingle with your fire

Let it burn through me like a furnace, A fire that doesn’t burn out

Light it up with me, That wonderful desire

Come save me, Tie me up with this connection

Let me lose myself within your love, Taste me

Collect every piece of me with your eyes, Feel but not touch this emotion

This whirlwind within me, Stir up my senses

Lead me deeper and deeper, Far from what reality offers

Dance with me, Through the flames that burn

Of the drums that have no beat, Move with me to the sound of our hearts

Slowly and rhythmically, Within a song that can only be felt

A song for Lovers, Caught in this mist

Eyes set on those that we hold dear, A hunger no food can satisfy.