Job hunting is the most excruciating and frustrating phase we all have to go through, unfortunately. If it ever gets easier, I think it’s because we would have accepted defeat. After all, it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s usually a series of disappointments that leads to us questioning whether we picked the right career or not. It’s like you’re running out of time and have no control over the outcome.

With all this stress and uncertainty of the future, the last thing you’d want is a series of questions that makes you feel like it’s a confrontation. It’s obviously out of good faith or great concern, I’m sure I have done it before. I guess it is only after it has happened to you that you realize it’s not cool at all to ask.

Are you applying for jobs? Some of your colleagues are already working. Firstly whilst I wait to be formally employed, I am a self-employed job seeker. Most job seekers make it their top priority and would be mean to ask such a question. They are trying, probably gave up in the process but no one wants to be unemployed forever.

Have you ever considered the WhatsApp job vacancy groups? I always see you on your phone. Thanks for the information but with the way I’m always on my phone I’m certainly in one or two groups. It’s useful information but it’s better to give someone a defined solution. That would mean asking this question: Have you ever heard of Jimmy Consultants, they are great at job placements. What says you’re looking out for me and giving me a solid solution to work with.

Why not focus more on what you studied than spend time on a hobby? Hobbies are a great distraction and are daily encouragement that you can be able to achieve something you set your mind on. It’s not wasting time but rather making sure my talents don’t waste away. Everyone on a permanent well-paying 9-5 has a hobby, some extra activity to keep the mind busy.

So be kind and try to say the motivating words you’d also like to hear when you feel low and nothing seems to make sense or fall in place. It means a lot to have a support system because we have all been through and if you haven’t I’m sure there were times you didn’t feel okay about where your life was headed.

I’m sure this is the part where you ask yourself what’s probably the best to say. Here are some pointers or some bits of advice on what a stressed job seeker would rather hear in their times of distress;

  • Why don’t you try networking with people in your field of interest? It’s true when they say, “your network is your net worth”.
  • Your social media is where you market yourself and make sure your brand looks appealing.

This is the time to develop yourself as you wait wait for your career to take off. What is it that you’re doing? What exactly are you doing to upscale yourself? This would help keep the mind busy and also create other avenues for more opportunities in your area of interest.

This isn’t a walkover situation or it will be an easy road to walk through but it’s good to have a positive mindset and support group. It’s the most crucial time in everyone’s life despite the fact that it’s difficult. Take time to think first before you say something that will hurt someone or words you can’t take back later on.

Stay positive and spread some positive vibes.