EA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Gloria Wavamunno, I am the Artistic Director of GloRia WavaMunno, a women’s wear fashion label. I am from Kampala, Uganda and I am also based there. I studied Fashion and Fashion Marketing/Business in London. My brand has been in production for five years now.

EA: Where does your inspiration for the clothes come from?

Inspiration comes from various things. I am affected by my surroundings such as music, colours, people (from the past and present) and that in all has infused into my work process. I like to tell my story and hope it will inspire others to find their own story.

EA: Who are your clothes for?

Anyone that wants to own a GloRia WavaMunno creation. In other words that woman who is herself, the one who doesn’t need to be defined by what is beautiful or trendy, the one who knows the way she wants to look and goes for it.

EA: You set up a Kampala Fashion Week. What does it take for one to be a member and how is it going so far?

That part of my business relations is still an infant, it is a concept I thought up four years ago but four years later it is still not yet ready to begin, as I told myself I would not start something if the pieces to its birth are not right. And they are just not right yet. The most important thing is building the team and the team is a work-in-progress – once the team is ready and strong, the project will become something special, something influential.

EA: In your view, what are the three main issues that hinder the development of the Ugandan woman?

I don’t know if I have the to right to state the exact three main reason that would hinder the development of the Ugandan woman. In my opinion, education, the right to a good education is important, the sisterhood between women is important, supporting one another not letting what the other one has bring bad blood or letting men be the reason we live. And maybe third loving your self with all ones flaws and scars. Love yourself, and pass that on.

EA: Is there a special someone in your life?

Haha, sorry that part of my life I keep to myself. It’s only really for me to know.

EA: Love or Money?

Love in every department.

EA: What’s been your greatest achievement?

Having been able to be what I wanted to be, being it, and growing in it.

EA: What’s the number one advice you give to aspiring designers?

Well if any aspiring designers are interested in listening to me, first of the many steps of words I could give is be you, there is only one you, everyone else is taken. (Smile)