Everywhere you look, there is a different title of a magazine on the racks. Magazines for beauty, fashion, body building, homes, children and more. They kind of spring up on you without knowing. The next thing you know, you are hooked and  buy/read every new issue that is out. One such magazine is AfroElle Magazine. Like us, the magazine features women, and causes that benefit the African continent. Their theme is Celebrating Women of African Descent. Oh! and how we do love that theme because we believe African women are not celebrated enough. What did we do next?  We went ahead and approached the magazine’s owner Patricia Miswa and asked if she could  take part in our P.A.G (Powerful African Goddess) Interview and we were pleased when this young, hard working and  Powerful African Goddess – entrepreneur agreed to take time out of her busy schedule to do the first of our many P.A.G interviews to come!
EAMag:Who is Patricia Miswa? 

PM: I’m a daughter, sister, friend who is passionate about God, life and chasing my purpose. I’m a 26 year old woman with dreams and a constant desire and drive to go the extra mile to make those dreams a reality.

EAMag: How did AfroElle Magazine come about? How long has it been in circulation?

PM: AfroElle started in May 2009 as  a blog called ‘The ladies Room’. My idea was to have an online destination where women could ‘go to’ to find encouragement and inspiration through their different life journeys.

In 2010, the blog made way for a greater platform. We rebranded to a magazine; AfroElle Magazine. At first I was very scared about this move because I didn’t know how my readers would take it. Well, the response and support was great and it is what keeps me going from issue to issue.  Our digital magazine has been in circulation since June 2010. We decided to go digital just so the readers can get a better reading experience ‘flipping’ through the pages.

EAMag: What method do you use to get your magazine to readers? Is it working?

PM:I started with what I had (a dream) and who I knew (everyone in my circle). Just like a new mother speaks 24/7 about her new born, every chance I got, I spoke about my ‘baby’ (AfroElle). I facebooked, I tweeted and blogged about it and eventually got readers who then introduced the magazine to their network of friends. So far, word of mouth and marketing through social networks has worked great.

EAMag:  What advice do you give to people like us (ElleAfrique Magazine) who would like to follow in your footsteps?

PM: If you have a dream and you are 100 per cent passionate about your dream, GO FOR IT!

No.1  Taking the first step is always key, so start where you are, with what you have and make a move from there.  Most people talk about wanting to do this or that but they never really take that crucial first step of the 1000.

Where are you and what do you have? What magazine concept do you have? Have you done your research; seen what’s in the market and established what’s lacking? What makes your concept stand out?  What unique knowledge can you offer readers?

Make the move: Start a blog/ website. Provide the information.

No.2  Not everyone will buy your concept/ dream or vision but don’t concentrate on that. Focus on those who do believe in it and persist, persist until the doors start to open, until you see your vision start to grow legs. PERSIST!

Success is a lot of hard work; you don’t wake up one day and BAM you find you’ve been served with hot plate of success.  Nope, in the initial stages of making any dream come true, prepare to get your hands dirty and don’t be discouraged when you are faced with challenges.

EAMag: Do you have a new years’ resolution? 

PM: Yes, one of my goals this year is “to be all I can be”. I’m working towards this goal by embracing and being positive about where my life is right now, recognising and using up every single opportunity I’ve been blessed with and pressing forward.

Website: www.afroellemagazine.com

Twitter: @AfroElleMag