A good man does not need the law or his mother to tell him how to treat a woman. He does it because its the humane thing to do. He does it because of love.

This is a follow up from my previous article (You Are Nobody’s Property) which was prompted by a conversion I had with a friend of mine. We might be from Venus and the men from Mars but not all men are bad. It would be very wrong of us to assume that men are always the bad ones in a relationship. Women are bad too.

Being in a relationship is hard and it will take lots of hard work to keep it going.  Love, trust, support are some of the key elements of a great relationship.  I am no relationship expert but I ‘speak’ from experience. If one or two of those elements start to disappear work on that relationship as soon as possible or be prepared to kiss it good bye.

Men can be very difficult to read or understand and this sometimes gives us the assumption that they are not into us, when in actual sense they are madly in love with us and just don’t know how to handle it. Because they are men, we think they should be tough but you will surprised at how many times their act of ‘macho-ness’ goes out of the window when they like someone.

Like the number of times they get butterflies in they stomach or pick up the phone to call you but just to hang up because they don’t know what to say.

What about when they get all teary eyed when they are talking about the love they have for their wives, girlfriends, partners and family.

Oh how we love to see those moments!

There are men out there who want a loving, caring and and sincere relationship not forgetting the sex too. Men who are good, sensitive and romantic. Men who know how to treat their women well. Yes, ladies there are good men out there. They might be getting harder to find but they are there. Being in love might be one of the scariest things to experience because you are probably at your most vulnerable but there is way too much to lose and so much to gain for you to not give it a go.

My advice? Love yourselves but don’t be afraid to love someone else too.

This amazing man exists somewhere out there.

Not all men are evil.

Go find him.