By Josephine Amoako

Every successful relationship be it business or personal thrives on effective communication. Communication goes beyond just saying something and hearing what is being said. The transaction is completed when each party understands the other perfectly. There is no room for assumption of what one party’s words meant and not having the whole exchange shrouded with ambiguity.

Clarity is a necessity and not just an added advantage. That’s why people with sight issues wear glasses and why those with hearing defects go for hearing aids. To be able to understand someone perfectly, you first have to see and hear right. One of the frustrating moments in everyone’s life is putting all effort into a task only to be told that wasn’t the exact order. How, you ask yourself. Perhaps you missed a word or you misinterpreted what was being said.

Those who claim to be ‘happily married’ attribute their success so far to the ability to talk through issues, among other things. Just like a business partnership where all cards are laid on the table and all ambiguities clarified, some couples are able to sit down and have the difficult but needed conversation about the expectations they have about their relationships and goals are set. And when plans do awry as some are bound to, they go back to the table and talk it out. This way, they both have a vision for where they are headed and there is clarity on how to make the vision a reality.

And for those who find themselves caught up in some kind of relationship where each party has his own assumptions floating in his mind and somehow expects the other to read it from his mind by staring into his eyes, they most of the time get disappointed in the end. Where there’s no clarity, achieving accuracy is impossible. When you start on the wrong foot, you realize your steps get funny and you can only correct when you stop and start afresh.

So anytime you’re going into an agreement with someone or a group of people, be it an assignment or relationship, make sure you are all clarified on what is expected of everyone (just as public figures get the verification ticks on their social media accounts to prove that they are who they say they are).

“I hope I’m making myself clear…if not, let me know and I will explain further,” you will often hear your boss tell you after giving you a task or after a presentation. Clarity is key and it saves time.

So if you hate to have your time wasted by misunderstandings, ask for clarification from everyone who enters the doors of your life. Find out what they want; if you find it useful, let them know and if not, show them the door. No need to entertain anything less than that.

Do I make myself clear?