I can’t believe that another year had began.  The last year has an unexpected year with so much to offer. There is definitely a time I saw it impossible to make it this far but oh well, the Lord stays truthful to his people. At the start of the 2021, we believed that the pandemic would be no more and that we would return to normalcy.  However, not all happened as we thought.  And as we usher in a new year, there are lessons I have learned from the last 12 months that I would love to share with you all despite all.

Practice gratitude: Often times people wonder why we ought to practice gratitude even on our worst days. The truth of the matter is that, this is one of the hardest things there is.  At the start of 2021, we proclaimed to have a better year and most definitely asked that it returns to some form of normal. However, most of us did not see this for as long as we wanted because we either got tested or tried or just didn’t have our expectations matched. Remembering to stay thankful in such times is one of the most underrated things – It’s possibly done by the bravest. In as much as we may not be the greatest, or the bravest, last year has taught me that gratitude is one of the ways to get to our desired targets. I have been reminded that some people experienced much more terrible things than I experienced and thus being grateful. This is definitely a great lesson from 2021 to take on to 2022.

Be mindful of how you spend your time: In the year 2020 when the world was hit by one of the most dangerous viruses of all time, most of us promised that once we returned to a bit of normalcy, we would do better, be better people and spend more time with the people we love.  Like the saying, easier said than done, this was only a statement made by the majority that never came to reality. The year 2021 saw many of us make the same statement and to those that did not fulfil this, we mostly regretted because we either lost our dearest ones having not spent enough time with them. This for me was a lesson that I was reminded of – that every time you have the chance to spend your time well, do it.

Spread love to those you love and care for: In the last year, a few friends of mine narrowly survived death. Because of this, so many questions started to run through my head. Questions like, what if i had lost them? The fear of losing the people we love goes a hurts terribly. No one ever wants to regret never having done something or wishing they had done better. This was a time in my life that I realised that all we can offer to those we love and care for is by letting them know how we feel about them, and trying as much as possible to play our part by presenting our love to them through spending time with them, gifting them, or just being there when they need us the most. Creating memories with them allows us to appreciate the time we shared.

We need not to forget our Ubuntu: Ubuntu is a Zulu phrase which means I am, because we are. It reminds us to unite with our communities amidst the tough times we experience. I believe the coronavirus pandemic has drawn us closer as people and has allowed us to watch over our dear ones. It has been a time to reminisce about the old good days when we everyone knew what was happening in their communties. We have absolutely been reminded of being our brothers keeper. What a beautiful lesson to carry into 2022.

Forgive and move on/ forget the past: There’s so much guilt in me as I pen this down. This is because I’ve not practiced this enough while on other days, I’ve not asked for forgiveness in times when I needed to. I’m ashamed and every single day I’m reminded that its something I need to gather courage and do. The beauty of forgiving or being forgiven is that you are relieved of all the guilt and so you start a fresh. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being where you used to be before you messed up. The joy is unmatched.

Happiness is a choice:  Often times we wonder why some people are always happy. We are made to believe that their life is perfect. When you sit down and try to study those people’s lives, you’ll get to understand that there are ups and downs too in their lives. Aristotle once said, “happiness depends on ourselves.” There’s so much truth in here. Learn to find the things that make you happy, and this way, life will always be beautiful no matter how much you are struggling with. Some of the few tips to keep you happy include finding out what makes you happy, and associating with those that bring joy to our lives.

Health is the new wealth: It has become obvious that staying healthy is the new wealth. With the rising COVID-19 cases as the day goes by staying healthy in such times can be hard given the financial constraints, and responsibilities attached to the pandemic. It is important to take care of ourselves and stay healthy by doing exercises, eating healthy, wearing a mask, taking vaccinations, as well as washing our hands.


Take care of yourself in this new year.