By Angela Semanda.


Hello ladies! What if I told you there was a solution to your monthly menstrual challenges that lasted for up for up to 10 years, was affordable and eco-friendly? Yes, I know, sounds to good to be true; but it exists.

The menstrual cup, also referred to as the Ruby Cup, is an innovative technological solution that started in the 1930s and has undergone considerable improvements since then to make it acceptable to the modern woman. Ruby Cup is a healthy, high-quality and eco-friendly alternative to conventional menstrual cycle products (i.e. tampons and sanitary pads).  Menstrual cups are quickly gaining popularity in Europe and a few NGOs, partnering with Ruby Cup, have started a brilliant initiative to bring it to African women and girls who can’t afford traditional menstrual products. Many school-aged women in Africa miss school when they’re on their periods for various reasons. The goal of the aforementioned initiative is to offer product alternatives that are more cost-effective, thereby enabling young women to attend classes even when they’re on their periods.

Thanks to certain NGOs and private distributors with a social mission, menstrual cups can be found in parts of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Now they’re trying to make them available in Uganda and the rest of Africa! This is an open call for you to get involved. Like their Facebook page (Menstrual cups in Uganda) see how you and/or your organizations/country representatives can get involved. Women of all ages swear by the effectiveness of this product, from mothers who’ve given birth multiple times to yoga instructors that spend a considerable time posing on their heads. What’s more, the participating NGOs have generously pledged to give a menstrual cup to a female in a Ugandan village for every one sold in community pharmacies or by distributors at retail price. Support the cause and let’s get more menstrual cups in Africa!