Woman bashing is a problem that deserves an F bomb!

This is something I sometimes fall victim of but some of us are the reason why other women become victims.
Hate crime is world problem. It’s common knowledge but what is not? The intolerance women have for each other could be the reason men still think they give us empowerment. After all “they” made the law.

It’s simple! Women do not support each other. Yes we love each other and all but when it comes to the crunch, women are not united. Don’t go thinking about the 1956 march to the Union Buildings in South Africa, I’m referring to life in a community. A friend of mine once said, “I hate feminists. They are hard-headed… they are a patriarchal society. They fight while eliminating and looking down on other females.”

For an example, a friend of mine once walked into a Pick n Pay down town Jozi. A young beautiful woman. One who walks with grace as someone who owns her sexuality. A lesbian. Yes, that girl. (See how your emotions changed?). She went in to get something to eat when she bumped into a homophobic who decided to take up the fact that she had more balls than he could handle and acted a fool. His audience was 80% female and yet no one stopped this man from verbally abusing her, not even the cops who were getting lunch inside the supermarket felt that she was being treated unfairly. To cut the long story short, had she not run out of the Pick n Pay, my friend would probably have the scars to prove my point.

Another one would be the recent death of 26-year-old, Duduzile Zulu. Her half-naked body was discovered in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng on 30th June 2013. She, unlike others, was not only emotionally tortured but she was brutally ‘correctively gang-raped’ and murdered. Unfortunately, her death only made whiff of interest to news broadcasters and gender activists. There are no reliable statistics for the number of lesbians murdered in South Africa each year.

3,600 rapes in SA every day.
144 women report rape to police every day
The Law Reform Commission estimates there are 1,7 million rapes a year, on average only 54 000 rape survivors lay charges each year. No-one can ever tell you of the 54,000 rape survivors in SA every year who was a victim of corrective rape as their sexual orientation is not recorded. According to the Health Systems Trust, ONLY 31 corrective rape cases in the last 10 years have been reported.

It’s truly sad to see men, even when uncomfortable, standing by their gay friends while we women stand in corners waiting for an intervention to stand by lesbians. Some women only respect and support gay’s for coming out over other women.

Please don’t get me wrong, women are doing exceptionally well in taking on the big guns and making the world a better a place. My only issues is that the women in power now are not doing enough to bring equality within the human race, especially the female specimens, unless they are gay.

Feminists chant for financial freedom more than sexual freedom. I’m no feminist but I do believe that women do need to unite in all aspects of life to become equal to men. Until then, there’s no march that will make the men take us seriously.