Article written by Ibtihal Ahmed.

Divorced, from the degrading union of

Ingrained and deadly ignorance which

Often leaves its master in a state of aimless wander

Divorced, from the senseless captivity of

Ceremonial benevolence which is often poisonous.

Divorced, from air-headed individuals

Whose imagined and ill-fated progressions survive

On the perceived failures of others.

Divorced, from a hedonistic life

Of mundane aspirations and instant gratifications.

Divorced, from artificial love which

Does not go beyond one’s

Hungry breathe of empty promises.

Divorced, from the shackles of the so-called laws of

Conventionalism which turn one into

A deviant for not being a passive follower.

Divorced, from ill-intentioned hearts

Which beleaguer the world with contaminated aura.

Divorced, from a delusional world of ubiquitous euphoria.

Free, to embrace the untainted powers of transcendence.

Free, to break away from the cage of imagined limitations.