Communicating – speaking, writing, listening, reading, connecting, is something we all do every day. Sharing with others a mix of information and emotions in every interaction is what makes us uniquely human. And communication, this finding shared understanding with others, is something that increasingly we all struggle with, despite having more communications tools at our fingertips than ever before, and despite using them in more casual ways than we’ve ever done before.

To strive and sail through this journey called life, we need to stick to the rules of communication. Although it can sometimes be difficult, communicating can save us from alot of trouble. Communication not only helps us meet our needs but also helps us get in touch with others. As such, communicating is usually the best way to get over any toxic thoughts. A few guiding tips on communication are therefore listed as follows.

Being open and honest

This means talking things that are important not you,whether negative or positive. It also means being brutally honest about things that hurt or excite you. Also, it means you’re ready for possible hurt or pain from the outcome. This is ideal as it gives the impression of authenticity and integrity. Also, it encourages mutual understanding and respect. Being open and honest is ideal for mental health. Our metal health usually suffers because of the decisions we make and how we relate with others.


Usually, we want to talk and have our say but don’t want to know what the other party has to say. We’re forgetting that it is a two way thing. It is important to remember that listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, we get misunderstood easily. And as a result, the other party might get frustrated and stressed. Listening helps us become better people at work places, school or in our relations with people and can also help and improve our public speaking.

Pay attention to the nonverbal signals

Could be folded arms, facial expressions, and lack of eye contact among others. These usually strengthen a first impression whether at a workplace, peers, or relationships. They also convey information about the emotional state of someone as they regulate flow of communication.

Find a balance in the digital world

With the rise in technology, the biggest population prefers to communicate on phone or other digital spaces than having a face to face conversation. Though the digital space is more comfortable and a good space to overcome our fears, some major life decisions deserve a face to face interface. Be ready to communicate more on a physical basis, if you’re to keep the relations.

Although communication looks minute, it’s definitely one of the greatest things we can’t live without and certainly can practice each day to make ourselves better people.

Disclaimer: All authors are encouraged to cite any references they may use, I’ve discussed this with the author of this piece, and they are declaring no citations.