Cocoa Butter: A Poem

By Elma Asio

Say those worse words that I want to hear. String them along intricately like beads and gems on a necklace that I will happily adorn.

Say them to me slowly. Slow enough for them to wash over my heart and kiss it. I want to hear those words glide over my skin like cocoa butter, soothing it, opening up my pores and reminding me to breathe and of the live beauty that I am.

Say those words to me in a song. Let them float and flow into my body and set my soul on fire and onto its feet to dance in jubilation after a long sleep.

Those words that wrap me up with their warmth and their deep affection, those same words that take my mind on a trip, move me beyond myself towards your snug centre; I want to hear them over and over again.

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