By Pholosho Matondolo

Choc flake cake is one of my once in a while favourite cake to indulge in. A yummy and tasty moist chocolate sponge nestled between chocolate icing with ganache, oh my, I love it.  I had leftovers of the cake the other day and so I thought it would be fun to create a trifle and serve it differently.  I thought I would share with you, my easy choc flake champagne trifles, so ideal for a date night at home or whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I purchased this yummy cake at one of our local grocery stores and it is the best cake to buy when one does not have time to bake their own cake at home. I believe you can find chocolate flake cakes in the most bakery or grocery stores. I must say that trifles turned out lovely and so delicious, here is how you can create these easy trifles yourself.

Choc flake champagne trifles

3 champagne glasses

100ml fresh cream

1 tbsp (15ml) chocolate flakes (taken from the cake, you can also use the chocolate icing)

2 slices choc flake cake (crumbled)

1\4 cup raspberries for garnish

Mint leaves for garnish

Layering the trifle.

Beat the cream together with the chocolate flakes.

In champagne glasses, start with the layer of the chocolate cake on the bottom, then add the whipped cream as the second layer, then the cake again. Top it off with the raspberries and mint leaves as garnish.

Present it with love and serve it with love.

Quick and easy, Enjoy!