By Attiya Karodia

I am a realist, forced into the ideology after being subjected to both the best and worst of the world we live in. I therefore am very honest about what I like and what I think can be better, but my negativity is always laced with a way forward, a way to do better. Unfortunately, we have all become so comfortable with being attacked that even constructive criticism is perceived as jealousy and bitterness.

In the PR and Digital Marketing industry, there are a growing number of women in what has been called a slightly sexist line of work. I often find myself in the grips of unjustified scrutiny by women, and across a range of various professions, women are facing the same problem. For some reason, when faced by a sister, our heckles go up at light-speed, and at the slightest hint of confrontation, we’re ready for war, whereas if a man approached us with the same, we feel the need to remain calm, and rational and remain largely un-threatened. It led me to a question:

Why are we more threatened and intimidated by women than men?

Girls gossiping (Web Images)

Girls gossiping (Web Images)

Is it because we feel like there is an unspoken quota which needs to be filled and all women are fighting for the few spots left? What is it within our psyche that snaps our senses of rationality and civil conduct in the workplace where a fellow woman is involved?

Regardless of what the cause is, it needs to stop. The degrading comments on fashion blogs, the ‘calling out’ online and on social media, the constant need to argue a point in the boardroom with a sister – it all needs to stop. It has been proven that when women are united, our power and strength is immeasurable. The strength of sisterhood has worked for hundreds of years, and as soon as we put our pathetic notions aside, female empowerment will reach new heights.

Because a sister is always stronger when there is a sister to support her in her endeavors. Right?