By Mahbuba Matovu

The Alpha woman exudes a confidence that follows her everywhere she goes. Don’t get it twisted, a boss isn’t always an Alpha woman; an Alpha woman, however, is always a boss!

She knows exactly what she wants and that’s what makes her very admirable. Not even the sleazy commentaries…you’re bossy…you’re controlling…you think you know it all…will barricade her mission to greatness. She knows her direction and will turn anything that comes in her way to dust.

The Alpha woman doesn’t have to be at the top to dominate. She doesn’t need to be popular or pretty. Her poise, presentation, persona and skill will all speak for her. She doesn’t campaign, she is chosen. She doesn’t market herself; if people know what’s good for them, they will select her. She doesn’t need to prove herself, others should have done their research.

The Alpha woman does not compete. She is not racing with you. She is her biggest competition. She is terrified of being the same person she was yesterday. Success and accomplishment fuel her, she is driven by her own growth.

You may not always agree with her plan of execution but you will admire her audacity. You will learn a thing or two by simply being in her presence.

Being type-alpha is a trait, but that shouldn’t stop you from mastering the trade. Here’s how.

  1. Figure it out

Alpha always has an answer. She has taken the time to think about it; who she is, who she wants to be, where she is headed, what she wants, what she doesn’t want. This stuff is important to her.

  1. Alpha has a plan D.

When things go south Alpha is not going to cry. She is finding another way.

  1. Alpha has a brand

Alpha is always on her A-game. Alpha is not stumbling in the club. Alpha is not friends with or even near the bitch stumbling in the club. That’s not her look. There are no days off to who she is or what she stands for. Some might think she’s too focused. Yes, Alpha is too focused…too focused on being the best version of herself, and this mediocre behavior is not beneficial to the game plan.

  1. Alpha knows her strengths

Alpha doesn’t let her weaknesses define her. She uses her strengths to drive people’s attention to what’s important and what makes her worthy.

  1. Alpha is not feared, Alpha is respected

Even though she sets her boundaries, she remains approachable. People want to go to Alpha, they want her opinion. The Alpha woman is not tough, but she’s no push-over either.

  1. Alpha doesn’t look down on people

Alpha lifts them up. The Alpha woman will treat people with the same respect she commands. She wants you to be better. If you need the hard truth, she will be the one to give it to you.

  1. Straight Talk, No Chaser

She will give you the business if you need it. Alpha won’t lie to you. She rather say nothing. If she is being harsh, there’s a good chance you needed the criticism.

  1. Alpha sets the trend

She doesn’t follow the rules. The Alpha woman has never been basic like that. She creates her own pace and because she is determined to win she stays ahead of the pack.

  1. Alpha knows when to walk away

When it comes to relationships, the Alpha woman knows the difference between compromising and settling. The Alpha woman will sense a toxic situation and avoid it like the plague. Negativity, jealousy, and intimidation are all the places you will never find the Alpha woman.

  1. Alpha is mysterious

You think you know her, but you have no idea. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye, saved only for those worthy of her attention.

Be The Alpha Woman.


Mahbuba Matovu is a life loving Ugandan who juggles her time between running her lifestyle blog, pursuing her Pharmacy Doctorate and snooping around the internet for the latest trends. Buba Fabulous, as she calls herself has an immense love for fashion, make-up, photography and Do-It-Yourself projects. She is the creator of Follow on Twitter: @FabsCulture