A person who is broken, battered, bitter, and down to their very last ounce of hope is a very dangerous person. Especially when they decide to take on the journey of destiny. At this point in time, they have lost everything, they don’t fear losing more, thus give their all when they decide to go after something. This feeling particularly took me back to a time when I was pretty much tired of life (Yes! At the age of almost 17 I was already having such a moment)

It just so happened that I ended up with a scissors in my hand, and my long beautiful hair that my dear mother had gone to lengths just to maintain lay dutifully on the tiled floor after being literally chopped off. Here is a little uncredited fact, most women who chop off their hair usually have a personal massive comeback in an average of 5 years. Of course, one can reserve the right to believe that when a woman cuts her hair unexpectedly, madness has closely befriended her. I can’t argue nor disagree, but I do know that when a woman chops off those lovely curls, or that long straight hair, something seriously empowering is about to take place. Believe me you, it takes a whole lot of will power (and a tub of ice cream) to cut this ‘vail of beauty’. I remember cutting my hair in a dark room, all curtains closed, and I was at a dead end knowing that I would have to drop out of school and pretty much feel stuck in life. Boy did I make the moment more dramatic by playing some slow songs on the radio as the scissors found its way through my lovely African curls. Cutting your hair is at times a way of simply celebrating your originality as a person at your most pure form, and for the rest of us, it meant and still means that life had given us a hard blow, but that same hard blow was hard enough to give us the strength to start afresh, to start on a clean slate- a slate overflowing with the wisdom and knowledge that a woman can only get after a tough season or journey.

Though my reasons for cutting my hair had nothing to do with cancer, I would like to take this chance to remind all that this month is the breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women annually. For these women (and men), losing hair isn’t an option, but embrace that baldness, literally, for it is a start to a journey of destiny, short lived or not. Breast cancer has affected many people world wide, but others are still ignorant about the resources available right at their doorstep. To those affected by this disease, embrace baldness with boldness!

Well, I basically hunted it down and nailed it to my whole being, just to be fair enough. All I want to really say is, “Celebrate your journey so far, and prepare for the future without fear. Look at yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself that you are bold and beautiful!