By Stacy Kendi

We always celebrate women for all they do, and empower them to do much better, but rarely do we remember to appreciate the men who are always at the forefront of the gender equality movement. Today, I want to take time and appreciate the kind of men who forego their masculine ego and chauvinism. These are the men who are for #HeForShe.

It’s widely known that women are the backbone of society. Without a woman, there would be no child and there would be no progress. Unfortunately it takes a few men to really understand how important and valuable a woman is to society. Most men are clouded in their chauvinistic nature, and hardly allow themselves a minute to see the glory that a woman holds. A woman is a creature created by God to multiply and manifest whatever is brought to her. I believe this is very true, as they can withstand much and still breakthrough strong. For a man to see and notice not only the beauty in women, but see beyond and notice their strengths and power, takes courage. This holds true, especially for many African men, where today, it is still a “taboo” in their culture to empower women. You could be termed as being a “disgrace” to the community if you do so.

Thank you to the men who are #HeForShe, men who support women and their fight for equality today. Know any? These men are attributed by a number of characteristics:

  1. They ensure the ladies around them are empowered by all means. For example; If they (ladies) lack jobs, they will show them other ways to make money, ensuring they stand on their own two feet, and not depend on society.
  2. They are genuinely caring and loving, and do not allow themselves to wallow in their own ego at the expense of the women around them, despite the circumstances or needing a favour from women.
  3. They stand and support women despite all adversity, even during times when women are bashed out by other men for doing the right thing. The #HeForShe are not afraid of ridicule as they see the importance of the cause to empower every single woman.
  4. The #HeForShe ensure that the feminine gender gets access to all their basic amenities. You will see them lead campaigns such as sanitary towels for all, in order to ensure every girl can have access to them. These men genuinely do it because they care, and not for a publicity stunt or attention.

The above characteristics are, but a few that the #HeForShe men have. To all those men out there who are for He for She, I appreciate you and commend you for your outstanding support to women.