By Laura Walusimbi


A real woman, who is she?

One with airs about her?

One who thinks she’s ‘better’ than everyone else?

One who strives to bring other women up, and

Who commands respect from all, regardless of her standing?


A real woman, what does she do?

Cares for others first?

Cares for herself first?

Cares not that there are others besides her, others

Who need her?


A real woman, where goes she?

To work all day,

To hang out with friends, sipping on drinks,

To check on the young, elderly, sick, disenfranchised?

Who or what is worth her time?


A real woman, how can you tell?

Dig deep in her heart for the real her;

Dig around her to remove weeds of distraction;

Dig long enough and you will find realness.

The real woman is waiting to be found.