Thoughts & Reflections

You Only Live Once

12th March 2018 Ayandola Ayanleke 3

When the song, YOLO, was released, it became a source of inspiration for many to live their lives as they saw fit and also to not take life so seriously, because we only live once. […]


Angel Without Wings

6th December 2017 Felly Oyuga 3

  It was the worst time of my life.  My marriage was falling apart.  I had to remind myself to breath, eat and even shower.  I barely combed my hair.  He always smiled at me […]


A letter to Baba Opembe

13th September 2017 Salma Abdulatif 0

Dear Baba Opembe, I have wanted for so long to write to you a letter. To tell you how my new home is not home without you. But is home anything so physical? I think […]

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The Puppet Show

16th June 2017 Amandla Karungi 4

I sat in a fortress of solitude, even though around me sat waves and waves of souls. It was a gaping hole and no one could catch me. I had run out of my social […]

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Thoughts & Reflections

Suicide Is Not The Way Out, Seek Help!

12th April 2017 Josephine Amoako 0

The fast-paced advancement of technology and amazing feature updates on various social media platforms today are helping individuals and organizations communicate more effectively with their target audiences. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Periscope, Snapchat, WhatsApp and […]

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Let Girls BE Girls

10th April 2017 Noella Muhamiriza 0

It’s Thursday morning in Northern California, “NorthCal” as we like to call it here; just the thought of having a day off from school and work has me dancing around my small apartment. I’m getting ready to […]


From The Streets Of Singledom

13th March 2017 Teakisi 2

By Ifedayo Ward My weekends are longer now, for reasons I can’t help. Remember when we all had pregnancy goals? Two or three besties doing a combined pregnancy shoot with those little cute booties? Well, I […]

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Leaning On Each Other

18th January 2017 Teakisi 2

By Ariane Kamdoum It was past midnight and I couldn’t think of anyone I could call that would get what I was going through. At that moment I never felt so alone and misunderstood. The […]

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Friendship Matters! Patronize Those You Love

31st August 2016 Teakisi 1

By Marie-Helena Mekolo I believe in helping people, especially my friends, to achieve their dreams; I like to uplift and empower them. So I don’t understand why, when it comes to patronizing businesses, people are […]