The phenomenon of getting bigger body parts keeps exploding with each passing year, with more and more females wanting to make their derrière bigger or to alternate any other body parts thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and others worldwide. All this is due to what the media shows us about how you are meant to look like. All this for attention and popularity in the industry they work in. You can probably do it naturally by working out certain muscles, but alot of women don’t want to put in that much work or time, so they turn to the black market to make it happen. To alter a body feature over and over again has become an obsession for many.

So many women are prepared to go through risky lengths to inject illegal silicone in the parts they need enhancing in an attempt to look better. They are convinced that they are not good enough. They are willing to go through desperate measures to pay any amount to any qualified and unqualified doctors who claim that they can make miracles making them look younger and better alot more faster. Many of these women never reconsider the terrible side effects or pain involved in these risky procedures.

To me, this is a clear indication that some women especially those in the cities in particular, are ready to risk their health for the sake of good looks. Is it worth it? No! Ladies be kind and patient with yourself. Let us accept ourselves for

who we are, not for what others say we are. We should not allow stereotypes to define us. Let us be the ones to speak positivity in our lives and embrace us. If you are dark or light skinned, no matter the race, height or shape, please love yourselves. If a man does not love you for who you are then he is not the man for you, so don’t go changing how God made you just to please him. If he never loved and

appreciated you in the beginning it is not when you alter your

curves, enhance your derrière, or increase your breast size that he will change the way he feels about you. Truth be told, he will never appreciate you even after the changes. Remember, let him love you for who you are and NOT for what he wants

you to be.

This is a harsh reality but that is life. Ladies, let us love thyself.

By Julia Mukete