Uganda’s Finest: Top 40 Hot, Sexy and Brainy Women

Armed with only a pen, paper and their smartphones, our two ‘sleuths’ went searching for the women from Uganda whom they thought had all the three qualities we were looking for – Hot, Sexy and Brainy. “It was a difficult task, they said. An assignment that was first thought to be easy took almost two weeks to complete. After so many disagreements and deliberation they finally came up with a list that they both agreed on. The women from Uganda who are in the public eye for a reason but who had all the three qualities they were looking for.

40. Aisha Alibhai, Radio Personality

39. Doreen Baingana, Writer

38. Keko, Rapper

37. Susan Naava,  Television Personality& Model

36. Laura Kahunzire, Actress

35. Maureen Okumu-Ringa ,Television Personality & Fashion Designer

34. Faith Ariho, News Anchor

33. Brenda Nambi, Singer, Actress & Fashion Designer

32. Judith Heard, Former Model & Fashion Designer

31. Justine Nameere, Television Personality & Human Rights Activist

30. Siima Sabiiti, Radio Personality

29. Lillian Mbabazi, Singer

28. Helen Lukoma, Singer & Actress

27. Yvonne Koreta, Radio Personality

26. Irene Namubiru, Singer

25. Allen Kagina, Commissioner General UNRA

24. Juliana Kanyomozi, Singer

23. Pastor Jessica Kayanja, Evangelist & Women’s Rights Activist

22. Natasha Sinayobye, Actress & Dancer

21. Flavia Tumusiime, Radio & Television Personality

20. Mariam Ndagire, Actress, Singer & Producer

19. Zarinah Hassan, Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer

18. Angela Crystal Newman Kavuma, Radio Personality

17. Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, Writer & Feminist

16. Gloria Wavamunno, Fashion Designer

15. Keturah Kamugasa, Journalist

14. Jeniffer Musisi, Executive Director, KCCA

13. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International

12. Eng. Irene Muloni, Minister for Energy & Mineral Developments

11. Cleopatra Koheirwe, Singer, Actress & Radio Personality

10. Justice Julia Sebutinde, Jurist

9. Sylvia Owori, Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

8. Princess Ruth Komuntale, Tooro Kingdom

7. Dr. Maggie Blick Kigozi, Entrepreneur & Environment Activist

6. Angela Katatumba, Singer & Entrepreneur,

5. Janet Museveni, First Lady of the Republic of Uganda & State Minister of Karamoja

4. Sarah Mutamba, Singer

Sarah Mutamba (No. 4)
Sarah Mutamba (No. 4)

3. Joy Doreen Biira, Television Personality

2. HRH Queen Best Kemigisa, Tooro Kingdom

1. HRH Queen Sylvia Naginda, Buganda Kingdom

*List compiled by two of our Ugandan bloggers.


Beatrice / 13 May 2013

This is rubbish, what about women like Sarah Kizito? Do you mean once a woman sleeps with a white man, she becomes sexy and brainy. Most of the ladies mentioned are models, dancer, singer or designer. You don’t need brains to be model.. …Oh please….What a shame. Gloria Wavamunno, Fashion Designer, Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International, Dr. Maggie Blick Kigozi, Entrepreneur & Environment Activist, Pastor Jessica Kayanja, Evangelist & Women’s Rights Activist, Justice Julia Sebutinde, Jurist, should be in Top 10. I don’t think Janet Museveni is sexy and I don’t think she is brainy. Jennifer Musisi is brainy but not Hot and sexy. Nagginda No.1…Oh yea…sexy, hot…never, maybe brainy. So many women out there that are more than this crap you listed. I know Uganda can do better than this.

Angelique Gatsinzi / 14 May 2013

I don’t think they are necessarily saying that the number next to them should define how good they should be …. at the end of the day the key is to make it to top 40 no? There is a mixture of hot, brainy and sexy! Everyone will have an opinion about such a list, so either way someone will be missed.

flavia / 15 May 2013

I agree

asaph / 17 May 2013

u r right

Ndeye Sene Mbaye / 14 May 2013

they are certainly a lot of models and actress. But i don’t think it means the list is rubbish. They too work really hard and are sexy.
I don’t really know any of them so i am really grateful that this list has been made. great job!

NN / 14 May 2013

I have read the Rwanda list and many of the women are offering service to their country. It must have been an interesting survey for Uganda. Of course there are hundreds of women in and out of Kampala who would fit here but you were limited by number. Is Kenya next?

LLS / 14 May 2013

What a load of trash…I see only a handful of women on here who deserve to be on this list. Some are just so-called socialites they may be pretty but brains?

Jeff / 14 May 2013

Agree most are Hot, Sexy but dont know what criteria you used for the brain cause come clearly are not

jo / 15 May 2013

how about princess Elizabeth bagaya who still turns heads in her seventies!

innocent / 15 May 2013


Edmund Mwebembezi / 15 May 2013


Angelique Gatsinzi / 16 May 2013

casually picks up coat and exits the building …. please tell us when it’s safe to return 😛

okiror vigil / 16 May 2013

i agree they are realy hot

Wante Isiko Jackson / 16 May 2013

All these mentioned don’t even make it to the list of Uganda’s top 100 sexy women. I wonder u always jump at selecting these socialist time and again.

Edward Kisukye / 16 May 2013

Quite an interesting list,just wondering which yardsticks were used to judge but some interesting ladies in there…Janet Museveni hihihi!

Angelique Gatsinzi / 16 May 2013

Surely she must be hot, brainy or sexy — otherwise she wouldn’t be a first lady? *jumps to google to view a picture*

Premier / 16 May 2013

Rubbish i didn’t find my wife !!! if any one out there can combine the three attributes brainy, Hot and sexy more than her, just call me me i shall cash you with a bet of 1M …??

Angelique Gatsinzi / 16 May 2013

Feel free to add number 41 …

p / 17 May 2013

I think that your research is so shallow, and doesn’t offer any lessons for anyone and should be ignored.

Diane / 16 May 2013


Angelique Gatsinzi / 16 May 2013

Having or showing intelligence.
clever – intelligent – smart – bright – sensible – sharp

anonymous / 16 May 2013

A villager must have made up this list. absolute nonsense .seriously

Angelique Gatsinzi / 16 May 2013

Surely it is a good thing, if villagers can read, have access to the internet, smartphones and gossip magazines? Progress? HEHEHE

hanny / 16 May 2013

This list is not genuine because there are many powerful,hot,sex,and brainy ladies who are even better than many of those mentioned. By the way how do you determine that the person is hot,sex?OK can anyone tell me how u can define Keturah Kamugasa,is she brainy,sex or hot.for her to feature in number 15.

Angelique Gatsinzi / 16 May 2013

Challenge you to write below this post who your top 10 are, let’s see how we compare 🙂

Larva / 16 May 2013

Must you reply to everything?

Angelique Gatsinzi / 17 May 2013

Do you prefer to be ignored?

Maureen / 16 May 2013

Am humbled to have been thought of under such a category; congratulations to the women that not only made it on the list, but inspired and touched the emotion of the different people in Uganda in their own capacities. God Bless…
Keep up the good work ElleAfrique…

Patrick / 16 May 2013


joe / 16 May 2013

how base and primitive we are.if this is what we can offer. i despise 75% of the list.

Eriya / 17 May 2013

What are the Key Performance Indicator for their selection in the country-Uganda

NN / 17 May 2013

Well done to all on this list, probably we need to know more about the work that they do and also the purpose of this initiative. Will the men’s list be up soon as well?

ElleAfrique / 17 May 2013

Do you mean the purpose of ElleAfrique? We hope to empower, … we celebrate and unite African women. We have articles that educate, empower and entertain, like this post. And no, there will not be a men’s list.

Davidhanta / 18 May 2013

Well,done,the saying is behind a very successful Man,there is a lady,you should mention their contribution to the society,political office NO at least culture office,borrow a leaf from Forbes Magazine

ElleAfrique / 18 May 2013

Thanks for your input and for reading our magazine!

obotol bosco / 22 May 2013

so where do you put the ion ladies like HON. KADAGA AND MIRIA MATEMBE?

David / 30 May 2013

Next time don’t just pick a pen, paper and phone, rather do thorough research.

macho patrick / 1 June 2013

thanks 4 wat u call empowering African women but ur mistaken ,I wish u could travel in rural areas and see wat they call an African woman who is sacrificing for her community and she is hot ,sexy,brainy and intelligent without make up and expensive clothes,shoes,jewery etc

Nakijoba / 4 July 2016

some of those people on the list are okay. But Janet tobe above Kagina, Byanyima, Maggie kigozi!!! Please!!! Not even sexy nor hot exhibited brainy!!

Smithc829 / 4 September 2016

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ElleAfrique / 5 September 2016

Thank you!

Smithf771 / 4 September 2016

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ElleAfrique / 5 September 2016

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Smithg88 / 7 September 2016

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