Article is by C.J Npowa

It’s Valentine day!!! A day most ladies look forward to and most men apprehend. Seriously though, I get their feeling about V-Day being over-commercialized. But let me tell you something about V-Day in a way that will make sense to you MEN…

If you live in North America, about once a year, comes a season that is called the Tax Season. During tax season, most responsible, organized and educated people (no offense) that think far ahead, put as much as they possibly can towards an account called an RRSP (short for Registered Retirement Saving Plan). The principle with this type of account is that contributions to RRSPs are deductible from taxable income, reducing income tax payable for the year in which the contributions are claimed. This means that if you plan well, you will be able to reduce your taxable income bracket, and maybe owe less to the government while putting money aside for rainy days.

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You see, it’s not that you don’t look after your bank account throughout the year. It is not that you don’t think about your future either. But once a year, during this season, you are given a little poke that reminds you to fill up or contribute towards your retirement funds. Is that a bad thing?

Now you will ask me what does banking have to do with V-Day? Well, let me enlighten you.

Doing something special on V-Day does not make you a wuss or an idiot for falling for an over-commercialized ideal or trap (if you wish). Rather it makes you a smart man (or woman) that consciously contributes towards his love bank, and ultimately invest in his relationship. Don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t listen to the friends that will advise you against saving…

Do you see it? Playing with your money during tax season is a bit like playing with love during Valentine’s day. Instead of letting it go to waste (why keep the love bottle-up), why not put it towards your saving (for those rainy days when you simply don’t have much to give), and see it yield results (in giving you room to wiggle in the future). The payback can only be higher than you expect.

We all know men are different than women. And one of the ways we are different is that we tend to reminisce a lot. When things go wrong, we run to the bank…just like people do when they run into a dry season. We reach for our saving account.

  •  If the love bank is full and it’s made interest, our tears turn to smiles. Indeed when you mess up (since we are all humans who mess up from time to time), your woman will begin to remember the past, her mind will take her to the special days and occasions first, she will pull out pictures and cards, (you get my drift) etc…And upon getting nothing but positive feeling out of them, her heart will be soothed and forgiveness will take place.
  •  But if the love bank is empty…that’s when the s**t will hit the fan! Her liabilities with you will appear much bigger than her assets; at which point she might reassess the entire relationship. She may even close that account and pull her business out…

You see, if you’ve invested well, there is usually a return on investment. The more you invest, the higher the payback.

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Go ahead and plant the seed from which you shall harvest…But remember it usually takes money to be a good lover…however if a man has no money, let him have a bag of humor, after-all love shouldn’t cost a thing!

Now to the my ladies, not to say love is expressed in one way but the way I see it, those that think long term with you will usually invest in the love bank…

Not so?