By Kye Makyeli

If you’re a fan of the popular urban Nigerian television channel, Ebony Life TV, then you’re no stranger to the beautiful  Lamide Akintobi. From EL Now to The Spot, Lamide’s presence in today’s daily entertainment hasn’t gone unnoticed, just like the unparalleled womanliness in her fashion sense. She took time out of her busy schedule to answer ten questions that we had for her.

    1. Star sign? The awesomest sign in the world: Leo, and a very typical one. I’m very loyal, caring and warm, but I will kick butt if I need to, and I have opinions I’m not afraid to share!
    2. Celebrity crush? Most of my celeb crushes are on Latin American actors, because I speak Spanish and they’re super hot. My current favorites are Aaron Diaz, Jencarlos Canela and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco. Yummy guys! On the continent, I think Maps Maponyane is a cute guy.
    3. Android or iOs? Android, all the way, thanks very much!
  1. Pepperoni, cheese or mushroom extra topping on your pizza? Pepperoni, please. I actually don’t like cheese. The only time I’ll eat it is on pizza, because I can’t taste it too much.
  2. Your middle name? Titilayo, which means “My joy will be/will last forever”
  3. One woman you would wish to meet in your life? Tough choice, but as a proud African woman in the media industry, I’d love to meet Khanyi Dlomo and pick her brains about how she’s managed to build up her businesses and get some good tips!
  4. The last movie that made you cry? Well, because I’m a G, I tend not to cry at movies. But if you mean crying with laughter, I probably cried laughing when I saw the Wedding Ringer. It had some really funny moments.
  5. Favorite color? I have two, and you can’t make me choose!! Red and Blue.
  6. Biggest pet peeve? Probably people, especially strangers or acquaintances invading my personal space. I need there to be at least 2-3 feet between us at all times, except if we’re good friends or family.
  7. One album that you could play for the rest of your life? I’m such a music buff it’s difficult to pick, but I’m a huge Brandy fan, so it would probably be her “Human” album. Either that or you’ll have to give me time to make the longest CD mix possible with all my favorites on it.


Be sure to catch Lamide on The Spot which airs on Ebony Life TV (DSTv Ch. 165) at 10pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.