By Vivienne Amijee

African hair is one of the best textured hair one can have even though I never thought of it that way until recently when I decided to cut my hair and keep it natural.

I was the weave type of girl, I liked my weaves long and with a fringe because I believe I have a five head (an extended forehead) – pun intended, the fringe helped to hide that and also my face is the acne infested type. I have tried every product possible over the years to curb this but my skin does not improve. I visited a dermatologist who told me I was the main hindrance to my facial improvement. This got to me, I went home, took a good look at myself, removed the wig I had on and cut my hair.

The hours that followed that decision were the most difficult, the thought of my forehead, the true exposure of my acne, my my my my and so on. All these doubts happen to women with a new hair do, I suppose. However, it dawned on me that I had made a decision and I had to stick to it.

First few days, I wore hats, then slowly progressed to head bands which I was later told will affect my hairline. So I left all those behind and decided to go forth with all due confidence. One of the statements I get by that has helped is ‘Confidence is key’ and it really is.

This goes to show that when you make a life changing decision, you stick to it. If it makes you comfortable, if it is right, do not listen to what others have to say, just do it for yourself and everything else will fall into place.

Now that I realised that my African hair is the most beautiful hair I could ever have, I choose to treasure it. Keep it natural and play around with different colour tints. My fellow short haired friend and Business News Editor at the Citizen TV in Kenya, Terryanne Chebet took me through the steps of doing make up for the short hair look, how to care for my eyebrows et al. I now wake up everyday a happy lady, knowing that I can shower from head to toe, I go to the gym with so much zeal not caring about the stench my weave will exude after the exercise.

Short hair is liberating. Thank heavens I also found a hair stylist who knows how to care for short natural hair, Patrick is God sent.

I shall keep the short look for a very long time.