Flavia Tumusiime is a 25-year-old beautiful, ambitious and hardworking woman. She is currently a presenter on Channel O, a radio show host on Capital fm and an actress who has graced so many television screens across Africa. For a young woman who started out at 14 years old, she has achieved more than most African women in the entertainment industry have and if that was not enough, she is down- to- earth and sweet. I caught up with Flavia and this is what she had to say.

What are you working on right now? Should we be looking forward to something new from you?

I feel like you jinx your plans when you reveal them when they are halfway done so…. I will update you when time comes but in the meantime I’m on Channel O as O-news anchor and Capital fm as midmorning host.

Ok, that is understandable. You have made quite a buzz since you joined Channel O, “that beautiful lady from Uganda!” How does it feel, being this famous?

Well it’s pressure on one side because people constantly want something new and they want to see you going further than you have come so its ten times more work but it’s also a good thing because I have had some great experiences and met some fabulous people that I have learnt many things from.

How did you jump start your career from a teens’ show to all this success, most people would have been content and not moved as far as you have come?

Actually, I think I was comfortable in my teen years only because I never imagined I would take on entertainment as a career, it wasn’t until my last year on Teens Club that I realised I had grown a passion for TV and then sat down and looked at people who had excelled from a young age on television and read their stories and tried to carve out how I could make it work in this industry. The first step was to branch out and that’s why I did radio, because you must be versatile in your craft.

Are you single or do you have a significant other that you are hiding from the rest of us?

Ah this question, I will forever give the same answer haha. I’m single.

Wedding bells anytime soon?

Not yet.

What do you do in your free time, off air, and off TV? How do you relax? Hobbies? Where you go to?

Well I have to say am an introvert I am really bad at having time off, I either watch TV or meet up with friends and family.

How has the Journey been, from little Flavia to this beautiful woman that men trip over for?

The journey has been blessed. I look back at how far I have come and at 25 the things I have achieved and I am about to achieve, and it’s only by the grace of God. The support has been amazing, from the media to the fans and the critics too.

Bathroom singer or bathroom rapper?

Haha none!

What beauty secret do you have? Your skin always looks flawless.

Actually I had bad skin because of my skin adjusting to make-up so now outside of my work I don’t wear make-up unless it is necessary. I drink at least 2 litres of water a day and that’s been the best remedy for my skin.

Where do you see yourself Five Years from now?

Wow only God can approve of my dreams, I guess but I’m hoping to have a TV production company up and running and 5 years would make me 30, I would hope to be a mother then but let’s see how the years ahead treat me.

Any words of wisdom for those who want to be like you one day, you know, successful and famous?  

Don’t make fame your priority because your work is what gets you there. I would say work hard and be patient because things don’t happen at once they take time and dedication.