Google the name Judith Heard and what comes up is a series of headlines from different tabloids in Uganda. Judith Heard the party animal, Judith Heard and her feuds with other celebrities, Judith Heard and her cars, Judith Heard, Judith Heard, Judith Heard. Should we believe everything that we read?

Due to the celebrity culture that we now live in, people are fascinated by what others do or have. Society deems such people exceptional. They have become role models to the young and old. A long time ago, one earned the status of celebrity through hard work or being good at what you do. Nowadays one with unethical behaviour or constant promoting of oneself can also earn you the title.

” Sean Penn has attacked the celebrity culture calling it an “Obsene Disease”” Sky News.

So many people will agree with Sean Penn especially when it comes to those who will do anything to get a piece of the celebrity. Celebrity culture comes at a cost. This crazy obsession has led many to be put behind bars. As for those who use the status to do good we applaud you. This is the good side of the culture and the way it should be. We just wish there was more of you out there!

Having recenly been featured as one of the finest women from Rwanda we approached Judith Heard and put across a number of questions to her for our Powerful African Goddess Interview series. Just like most of you, we sometimes judge people from what has been written about them. The more filth about the person the more we want to know. We forget that  the only person who knows the whole truth, is the person being talked or written about.

Asked if she had answered the questions herself, “The questions point at my life and what I do everyday. So I will always answer well” was her reply.

Impressed? We were.

ElleAfriqueMag: Where are you from and where did you go to school?

JH: I am half Rwandese half Ugandan. My late father was from Rwanda and my  mother is a Mutoro from Uganda.  I was born in Uganda then moved to Rwanda in 1996. I studied in Rwanda for the most part of my education but later moved back to Uganda where I live now.


ElleAfriqueMag: What do you do for a living?

JH: I have operated my own business for the last eight years. I have a salon and a boutique. Before that I was a catwalk model.

ElleAfriqueMag: How important is family to you?

JH: At the end of the day, family is the greatest treasure of all. Freiends are good but they can come and they may go. Family are with you through everything. I couldn’t imagine life without my children, my husband and my mom. I thank God for them.

ElleAfriqueMag: We think you are one powerful african fashionista!  How important is fashion to you?

JH: Thank you! Fashion is very important because it make a statement about you and helps define who you are. That’s why my trademark is “Flaunt your style”


ElleAfriqueMag: You are contantly in the Ugandan tabloid papers. mostly at parties, events and about the cars you have et cetera. One would say you are a party animal buy they say any publicity is good publicity. Do these papers portray the real you or is there another side of Judith Heard that we all don’t know?

JH: They have to sell papers even if they have to make up stories to do so, right? (smiles) However I don’t agree that any publicity is good publicity. I have children and a family that are hurt when they publish lies. Unfortunately Uganda’s laws are undeveloped in this area and there is not much you can do. The real Judith is down to earth, hard working, loves helping people and would never do anything to hurt someone else.

ElleAfriqueMag: You have the looks and fame. Looking at you one would say you have an easy life. Is this the case?

JH: (Laughs) Thanks for the compliment! Truthfully God has been kind to me. I have been blessed in many, many ways!


ElleAfriqueMag: Hundreds of girls out there look up to you and would like to be like you. Why do you think this is the case and what do you say to them?

JH: I love my fans. They are wonderful. I think they admire me because they know that I’m down to earth like they are and I was raised as an orphan , yet I have been successful. That means they can be too! If people look up to me, it also means I have an incredible responsibility not to disappoint them.

ElleAfriqueMag: If you woke up tomorrow as an “unknown” person, what would you do?

JH: Life is not about fame. It’s about being a good person, working hard, doing your best and not compromising your values.

ElleAfriqueMagazine: How did you spend your christmas 2011?

JH: The only way christmas should be spent. with my family. also as we have done for years, we went to Sanyu Babies’ Home, an orphanage and put on a christmas party for all the kids. Our son is adopted from there. That’s always special and very rewarding.


ElleAfriqueMagazine: What’s your message to the african woman out there?

JH: Don’t give up hope! You are beautiful! Keep believing in yourself and in God and don’t forget to “flaunt your style”

Judith Heard’s boutique caters in women’s fashion and is situated at  Forest Mall, Lugogo. Shop number 53.