Solome Basuuta: The Queen of Love

Solome Basuuta is a songstress who launched her music career in 2015 and has, since then, graced both Christian and mainstream stages. Her music has her fans screaming  “Walala!” and falling in love with her brand.

Who is Solome Basuuta?

I am a singer/vocalist, songwriter and performing artist who loves to sing about LOVE (hence my other name, The Queen of Love). My desire is for people to know that they are loved and deserve to be loved. My music genre is the “LOVE genre”; however, you can also call it Soul/Inspirational.

 Do you write your own music?

Yes, I write my own music and I have also worked with different lyricists like Sam Kimera, Fred Wallace and Angela Okullo.

Being a Christian, what has your experience been like in the music industry? 

The music industry is like any other work place. One needs to know who they are and what they stand for. One needs to have a value system because these things are part of the compass that keeps one focused and consistent no matter what the industry may bring.

Secondly, the industry requires one to be hardworking, diligent and aggressive and I feel as a Christian these things need to speak even louder than my words.

What do you feel are some of your achievements since the start of your career?

 “The Song LOVE” debut album and performances at some great events like Qwela Junction, Comedy Meets Music and Blankets & Wine 10th Edition. I was also named The Rising Star Awards Gospel Star 2015 and the HIT Awards Uganda Female Artiste 2016.

What are you currently working on?

 I am currently working on a project titled Song of Solome which is due for release in 2017.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to release more songs and videos off the Song of Solome project and this project shall have 3 albums attached to it.

Do you have any favorites among your songs?

Well I have quite a number but let me mention a few off my first album:

  • Dance
  • Nz’ani
  • I Love You
  • Met a Man

Any musicians you wish to work with?

Yes! In Uganda I would like to work with Navio, Ruyonga, MunG, Lilian Mbabazi and Brian Lubega. In Africa I’d like to work with Lira, Waje and Sauti Sol. And internationally I would like to work with Jeniffer Hudson, Jill Scott, Baby face and Ed Sheeran.

Any advice to young ladies hoping to start a music career?

Know who you are as a young lady, have a value system (what is your belief system?), what do you stand for as a musician? Have a support system around you don’t go at it alone, be assertive and aggressive and above all ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

Social media pages?

Facebook- Solome Basuuta

Twitter- @SolomeBasuuta

Instagram- @SolomeBasuuta

Youtube- Solome Basuuta

Soundcloud- Solome Basuuta

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