It is through stories that one discovers their heritage, forms opinions about places and people and let the wanders as to the possibilities of this world.  Story telling is very powerful indeed as it can help shape a person perspective, ideas and opinions of themselves and of the world they live in.  We invited the authors of ‘Princess Halima and The Kingdom Of Affia’ to discuss the importance of story telling.

‘Princess Halima and The Kingdom Of Affia’ was written by a mother (Lucy Fye) and her three daughters (Jainaba Fye, YaAdam Fye and Anna Fye) and was inspired by the birth of the first Guinean, Gambian and Tanzanian grandchild in the family, named Halima Bah.


Authors of Princess Halima and The Kingdom Of Affia

What is the book about?

This children book not tells an exciting tale but also exposes the readers to different countries in Africa.  One the impact of multicultural books to parents and children.

It is no secret that Africa is not always fairly portrayed by mainstream media.  However, story telling can help shape the image of Africa and provide a more complete and personal picture of the Continent and Its People. 

On the importance of story telling when trying to change the narrative of/on Africa.

Halima, the main character, is African and a girl.  What are the implications of choosing such a character?

On technology and its impact on oral tradition of story telling.

On the challenges they faced while writing the book.

As the authors assure us that there will be plenty more adventures from Princess Halima, we as them what is next?

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