Violence against women is an important topic all across the world. Staggering statistics such as those found in Uganda, show that as much as 7 in 10 women report experiencing some form of violence throughout their lives.

On April 22 2016, Jacqueline Asiimwe, a Ugandan lawyer, poet, feminist and a strong advocate against gender based violence, agreed to be a guest at our #Elle101 Twitter Chat.  We discussed the consequences of violence against women, available resources and policies needed to end it.

Jacqueline Asiimwe touched on the important role of society and community in ending violence against women.

On how violence against women affect families and communities, Jacqueline said…

Violence against women does not only affect the woman but it affects the whole family, the community and the entire nation.  A woman is left dealing with the physical and emotional scars, while still needing to be a productive member of society and a caretaker for her loved ones. The latter can be extremely hard when one is not at their best nor has the available resources and support to deal with the trauma.

On what needs to be done to end violence against women…

A comprehensive and collaborative approach is needed to end violence against women.  Community leaders, government officials, elders, medical and social institutions, need to work together in identifying violence against women and bringing justice forth.  Justice does not only mean punishing the perpetrator, but also providing a safe space and the opportunity for a woman to heal.

Much more on the topic was talked about and in closing, Jacqueline urged us to continue the discussion on violence against women and also let us know that she will not give up the fight!

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