Thanks to great advances in technology, today’s world has been made more convenient and accessible:  companies are able to reach more customers, provide better and more efficient products, more people have access to information at their fingertips and stay connected in ways we could not have, a few decades ago. Technology, by most accounts, has improved our lives!

While some may be using technology to increase their bottom line, other are using technology to make a social impact.  Evelyn Namara is such that
person. Passionate about technology, social innovation, education technology and empowering women in technology, Evelyn, joined us to discuss Technology for Social Change.

On technology and social change.

Over time societies evolve and change.  What was acceptable a few decades ago, now seem to be no longer acceptable and vice versa.  In many instances, technology has been a catalyst to such change.  However, for technology to effectively impact social change, it must be designed with the end user in mind and benefit all (not only the advantaged), and must also be easily understood and scalable.

On how to broaden the reach and make technology accessible to even more people.

Broadening the reach is a collective effort between communities, organizations and governments.

On the effect technology has on social skills and social life.

As much as there are many positive aspects to technology, one cannot deny the negative impact that technology has had on social skills and social life.  Technology has to be used careful, in an attempt to enhance our lives and NOT consume it.

On how organizations can efficiently leverage technology to improve their work.

The technology is only as good as its users.  While some social change organizations shy away from fully utilizing available technology, Evelyn encourages these organizations to embrace technology and have a good team in place to assist them in the various stages of implementation: from research, to testing, to deployment as well as post assessment.

On her favorite technology.


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