Social Justice is a topic Robert Alai, a Kenyan blogger, internet entrepreneur and sometimes controversial cyber-activist, is very familiar with. How do we define social justice? What are the implications? And most importantly, why is it important for Africa? We covered it all on our Twitter Chat.

We started by defining social justice and its key components.

At ElleAfrique, the issue of gender gaps is dear to us as we believe that every woman and man’s voice should be heard and acknowledged. On how to be more effective on the issue of gender gap.

The role of the people is pivotal in addressing and promoting social justice whether we are affected by injustice or witnessing, it is our human duty!
On the role of people.

However, speaking up comes with its challenges and is not always an easy road. Many are faced with criticism and even threats. On some of the challenges Robert faces as an activist.

Media also has an important place and role in the social justice arena as they are the first, in many cases, to report incidents of social injustices. Because of their critical role, remaining free and independent in reporting facts without any pressure is also necessary.

On how the media can become more free and independent.

Organizations and people are working tirelessly and sometimes behind the scene to address social injustices in Africa. We take the time to recognize them.

On organizations and people who are doing their part in the social justice movement.

In closing, Robert lets us know what pushes him to do the work that he does.

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