Can you imagine if 1/2 of girls dropped out of school? Did you know that 1 in 5 girls is not in school or that 62 million girls globally are out of school? We discussed these issues and possible solutions with Vivian Onano, Youth Adviser for UN Women and an avid proponent for education for all.

Why is education even important?  Why is it even an urgent issue?  What are the benefits of education?  For Vivian, education informs, gives a voice and confidence that is vital for building a solid foundation for success.

However, to be effective education needs to be creative, practical, in a conducive and supportive environment.

According to Vivian, one way to measure the quality of an educational system is through the fruits it produces!

What about the staggering statistics that we mentioned above, how do we remedy them?  What needs to be done for more girls to be able to attend schools?

Effective and good education cannot be possible without good teachers.  So how do we get good teachers? In Vivian’s words:  more appreciation, better compensation and incentives for teachers.

We close our #Elle101 twitter chat with solutions that have already been implemented by governments and various organizations in making education more inclusive, effective

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