Don’t Hate, Beat The Player

A man will always have a wife, mistress and a girlfriend.

Life is tough already without us having to wonder where the new “boo thang” is, every time we don’t spend the night together or chasing away every man who comes our way because the last one was a dog.

I am no feminist but I do believe in love. It’s a two way thing for me. He wears the pants in the house and I have more say about where the love goes.

Back to my first statement, a man will always have a wife, mistress and a girlfriend. What I have just revealed to you is not a secret and men won’t be too happy with me once this is published BUT, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL MEN ARE DOGS. It just means you need to know where you want to be in the relationship and maintain the position, once you have it. Luckily for the mistress she does not have to worry about the new girlfriend taking her place but I guess it sucks when he divorces his wife but doesn’t marry her. A mistress stays a mistress.

This is not a 21st century trend amongst men. Kings, football legends and the first petrol attendants all have had it in their genes. It’s the unspoken rule (amongst women I suppose).

A man will always have a wife, mistress and a girlfriend. These words need to be written in every pre-school girl’s graduation paper. Besides having a fruitful career and we all want someone to love. Schools provide us with the knowledge to get to the top, I think it’s time women should start speaking about how to learn how to stay single, get into a relationship and pack your bags when you realise he changed the dream.

Guys do it all the time. What do you think they discuss in the mountains?


Lulama Ntaka / 10 June 2013

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queergirllusaka / 10 June 2013

I do like your final sentiments that women should be empowered to control their own lives, however, I disagree with the tone of the whole article.

I find such generalizations harmful. Take a moment to reflect on what a setback it is when people say things like “all women are gold diggers” or “all women are overdependent.”

Saying all men are cheaters is not only extremely unfair, it’s shortsighted. You forget that people are individuals. You can only make such a statement if you’ve personally interacted with every man on this planet. You haven’t. In my opinion, such a statement is a stereotype and a lie.

Many men and women are inclined to be monogamous. Many are not. People are diverse, that’s life.

Lulama Ntaka / 11 June 2013

Hi Queer.

Thank you for your feedback but if you read the article again, I did not say all men a cheaters nor did I interview every man but if you will, ask any man about the “wife, mistress and girlfriend” rule and you will see how suprised they are at the fact that you know about it.

theawesomebloke / 11 June 2013

“… a man will always have a wife, mistress and a girlfriend.” – terrible generalization.

I dont. And I know plenty of men who do … and plenty who dont.

Have read a blog and a meme about which type of “chick” a girl is … but never heard of a ‘Rule’ on it being mandatory.

Salha Kaitesi / 11 June 2013

It would be very easy for us to simply accept that what you say is true but can’t totally agree with that 🙂 … Not all men are like this but I know where you are coming from.

theawesomebloke / 11 June 2013

The truth does not require your agreement for it to be true. It is much more probable that I am telling the truth about myself than that you are telling the truth about ALL MEN – based simply on the fact that you do not know all men.

The impossibility of you knowing all men and having no statistical basis for your statement actually makes it false – you may want to change it from a fact to an opinion.


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