By Esther Chawai

At some point in life, we all fall prey to this sweet bitter experience called love. How fast it takes a hold on you might be a mystery. For some, it is love at first sight, some others may not even realize it when it happens or might even fight the feeling until they end up drowning, and others may have to make conscious effort. A sweet feeling it could be, being in love, a feeling you lack control over. Sometimes you smile for no reason, other times you laugh because it triggers beautiful memories, it consumes your mind, and it makes you sparkle and basically keeps you alive. That sweet feeling of butterflies creeps on you all the time, you wonder why you cannot get over it, and yes, there’s a clear picture in your mind that represents the word ‘love’, and even the heart recognizes that person.

It is definitely different, and all you know is that you do not want to let go but treasure it forever. It’s a place where you find solace, fulfillment, and it’s almost like nothing else matters in the world but it. What other gift can nature give, that surpasses this? A feeling so pure, deeply rooted, one reciprocated at equilibrium. Suddenly, dark clouds; gradually it shrinks and takes the look of a withered flower, then it becomes cold like the winter, eyes go cloudy then it rains, pains without injury, the glow fades away, lost in thoughts over and over again and wondering what could have been done differently, a struggle to get off its stinging web clinging tightly.

Drained and perplexed at the sour feeling that has now taken over, how can something beautiful now feel so ugly? Then the defensive walls build up, and doors get closed and become almost impenetrable. Was it true or was it a mirage? Perhaps it wore a mask that has now been unveiled? Does love exist? Yes it does… it is a choice, a decision to stand by, it is unconditional, something to cherish and treasure forever, it keeps you warm and makes life worth leaving. Maybe it wasn’t love before now. When love happens, it blossoms like the fresh flowers! Maybe in order to be whole, you need to be broken!