By Esther Chawai

I do not know what other ladies may think, but personally, I think that you deserve some accolades as a lady, the moment you reach that point where you’re regarded as a ‘boss Lady’. It’s a title every woman out there should work hard to earn.

Who exactly is a boss lady?

From my perspective, she is one who has got a lot going on for herself. One who works hard and relentlessly pushes daily to achieve ‘set goals’. She is determined, successful, dedicated, self-driven, a positive role model, focused, confident, independent, and most importantly she’s in charge of her life and stays in charge, and is purposeful.

Time is not a resource that should be wasted, because we cannot change it nor have it back once it’s gone (tick tock goes the clock). You have to starve your distractions and feed your focus, as a boss lady. For some, most of these attributes, flows out naturally while some others may have to consciously work hard to gain them.

It’s admirable, when you find a lady who has put together a lot for herself, because for some weird reason, women are viewed as ‘weaker vessels’, and that limits a lot of women who have embraced that, (although, a lot of ladies are now “woke” and focused on building a life of their own) funnily the men find it interesting and hover around such ladies. For the sake of that mindset, women who are bold and confident are seen as daring (regardless, you have to be fierce in your pursuit as a boss lady).

As they think, a woman should be in second place where a man is involved, because much is not being expected of us. We are taught to prioritize the wrong things from a tender age, we are made to think the man should provide (that’s not out of place), but how about being a Boss lady? Have a great job/business, pay bills effortlessly, keep a healthy relationship or maybe even married but have things moving smoothly regardless. You having that full respect from your partner, being able to travel from one country to the other because you can afford to, have a vacation whenever you want or maybe formal trips (sometimes it seems like some people have it all, or maybe they have the most important things going on the right way).

It takes a lot of dedicated time and energy, a lot of us ladies would want all these and more but sometimes, it’s almost like a fairy tale (however, it is achievable). You’ve got to set standards, work towards them and not compromise, discipline is key, and most importantly, set your mind on the goal. Be a boss lady, because you can!