By Kye Makyeli

Another exciting week came to an end that saw the eviction of couple South African Koketso and LK4 from Uganda, which made Uganda the first country to have both its representatives drop out of the race to win $300,000.
The second eviction stirred a wave of paranoia into the house mates causing them to believe that there is in fact a third house, the Emerald house, to which one of the evicted house mates is sent to. These rumours, were however shut down by IK at the eviction podium.

Cupid Fever

The second week was as full of excitement as the first, with Biggie playing matchmaker and letting Cleo and Hakeem have a romantic rendezvous together using the ‘Crush Wall’. This system enabled the house mates to choose the house mate that they wanted to go on a date with and at the end of the day, Hakeem came up top with the most crushes. When Big Brother asked him which house mate he wanted to go on a date with, his reply came as no surprise to anyone; Cleo. The two enjoyed a romantic evening in the Rendezvous room, where they were cosy up and told each other how much they missed one another after Hakeem was switched to the Diamonds house. They then sealed the evening with a passionate kiss and returned to their respective houses.


After winning the weekly Arena task, Rubies head of house, Selly got to choose two house mates from each house and switch them to another house. Elikem and Angelo shifted From the Diamond house to the Rubies house in place of  Beverly and Biguesas. But on Saturday night, the house mates reunited for an hour for the house party where the two houses partied together, seeing each other again but separated by a glass wall.

Up for eviction this week are Pokello, Annabel, Neyll, Natasha and Biguesas.

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