By Kye Makyeli

Emotions Galore!

In the space of just seven exciting days, which saw the first  eviction of Ugandan house mate, Denzel and Kenya’s Huddah, the house mates have certainly jumped out of their cocoons to provide the viewers with the entertainment they have sought for.

A Twist In The Game

Biggie upped the ante when he asked the Diamonds HOH, Feza, to swap two house mates from her house for two other house mates in the Rubies house. After what seemed like a lifetime of going back and forth on her decision, she swapped her fellow house mates, Denzel and Neyll for Rubies, Melvin and Hakeem. Emotions ensued as tears flowed while the house mates bade farewell to their comrades. However, the sadness was quickly forgotten as the swapped house mates moved into their new homes and bonded with their new house mates.

Romances and Love Triangles

The sweet and beautiful Ethiopian house mate, Betty seems to have found solace in the arms of muscular Sierra Leonian, Bolt. The two have more than often been seen sharing passionate kisses and cuddling. Both house mates did admit in their diary sessions that they are interested in one another.
In the Rubies house, however, a love triangle ensued as Ugandan basketball star, LK4, was caught between Nigerian Beverly and his recent cuddle- buddy Koketso, for whom he expressed his interest to Big Brother in his diary session. The triangle turned bitter when Beverly confronted Koketso on the matter on the eviction night, which put LK4 on the spot. He later confessed that his feelings truly lay with Koketso.

Party & Rave

On Saturday, the night before the eviction, the house mates were treated to a house party with Kenyan DJ, DJ Hypnotiq in the Diamonds house and South Africa’s DJ Jawz in the Rubies House. The house mates let loose from the looming eviction tension with a few drinks and showcased all sorts of dance moves.

Up for eviction this week are LK4, Dellish, Feza, Koketso and Hakeem.
Are you voting to keep your favourite house mate in the game?