By Josephine Amoako

One assertion that seems to have gained worldwide accord is that women tend to be their own worst enemies, doing everything in their power to pull one another down so that the other doesn’t achieve what one wanted for herself. There is no doubt that some women sabotage each other for a man’s attention or for professional gain, but this behavior isn’t exclusive to women. Men are not immune to such selfish instincts either.

But gradually, it looks like women around the globe are working hard to disprove this assertion.  Women are standing up for one another and helping themselves maintain the enviable positions they have attained. The 21st century woman is working hard to debunk such perceptions as she has come to realize that it is in her own best interest to help others join her at the top, instead of being the loner up the ladder. For those up there, they know it’s not that rosy at the top – hence the need to have a support system to ensure that one’s position is maintained. No one is an island and there comes a time in everyone’s life when one has to seek support from others to take the next step.

This present century has compelled women from different walks of life to shake off all misgivings and petty jealousies and stand for one another in order to elevate our status in society. The significance of women has been downplayed for so long, being restricted to the four walls of their matrimonial homes, expected to be experts at home management but clueless about corporate matters . But the past few decades have seen women coming out of their shells, challenging the status quo, taking the bull by the horns and showing the world what they are made of. The examples are endless:

Ama Duncan, the founder of the Fabulous Woman Network helps to recognize and acknowledge women doing amazing things in their fields and encourages them to not only support themselves but to also empower others.

Then there is Lucy Quist, the CEO of Airtel Ghana and the 1st Ghanaian female to head a telecommunication firm. She’s also  an international business leader and a founding member of the Executive Women Network, an organization dedicated to  supporting women in senior management and executive positions in private organizations. This initiative is an inspiring one, challenging all young ambitious women to believe in themselves and encouraging them to achieve their goals.

Another inspiring example is Claudia K. Lumor, the CEO of Glitz Africa whose works precede her name. She recently held the Ghana Women of the Year Awards for the distinguished female personalities defining women of substance and redefining the strengths of womanhood.

Women are turning to each other for support and this is just the beginning of the impact such a support system will do for our individual societies and the world as a whole. Watch out everyone, the girls are indeed running the world!