By Mako Muzenda

Beauty is a global, billion-dollar industry. From cosmetics and skincare to fragrances and hair products, the business of beauty is lucrative and constantly expanding. Several African companies have made their own imprint in an industry dominated by European and American products, and for anyone who wants to support local brands and still look great, these are the companies you need to know:

  1. Zaron Cosmetics: originating from Nigeria, Zaron Cosmetics is an African-owned beauty brand that offers a wide range of products. No longer exclusive to Nigeria, Zaron now has shops in countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe. With an online store and beauty blog, Zaron is one of Africa’s most visible cosmetics companies. To find out more about the brand, click here. 
  2. Melenial Skin Blog: South African blogger Ntokozo Khumalo started the Melenial Skin Blog shop in 2016 to complement her organic skin care blog. Dedicated to helping women combat skin ailments with organic ingredients and expert advice, the Melenial Skin Blog online shop offers an all-natural range including cleansers and moisturisers for all skin types and at an affordable price. To learn more about the products and Khumalo’s skincare advice, check out the website here.
  3. Keyara Organics: Keyara prides itself for “its beautiful mix of science and Authentically African natural luxury.” The Kenyan natural skincare company, whose products are free from ingredients such as parabens and mineral oils, focuses on making indigenous African oils and herbs the stars of their products. Their products include hair food, body butter, and balms.
  4. Kentaro Cosmetics: the natural haircare company was started by Ugandan Charlyn Ketaro.  Incorporating key ingredients such as shea butter, tea tree and hibiscus, Kentaro Cosmetics focuses on providing natural products for natural hair without harmful chemicals. Ranging from shampoos and conditioners to hair oils and sealants, Kentaro Cosmetics aims to provide all the tools needed for a comprehensive natural hair care regimen.
  5. Langa Cosmetics: started by former Zimbabwean model Langa Sibanda-Lloyd, Langa Cosmetics caters to women with dark skin tones. From foundation and mascara to eye shadow and lipstick, Langa Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand, incorporating skin-rejuvenating ingredients such as kalahari melon and mongongo nut oil. Read more about the company and its philosophy here.