Love is in the air in the month of February, and if you’ve just gotten into a new relationship, you’re probably experiencing a myriad of emotions.

Transitioning from single-hood to being in a relationship isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been single for a while and have become accustomed to being by yourself and sharing your emotional space with family and friends.

So here are 5 feelings that you’re most likely to experience when you get into a new relationship.


One of the first things that’ll pop into your mind when you’re going over your new relationship status is ‘oh my word! Am I crazy? What on earth I am doing? I’ve got to run fast!’

You’ll be afraid of being hurt because you’ll probably think that the relationship will come to an end very soon, or you’ll be nervous about sharing your life intimately with someone.

Just don’t run away from your partner. *cues Runaway Bride*

Butterflies in your stomach

You’ll experience a lot of excitement as you embark on your new love journey. It’s always exciting to know that there’s a new person in your life and you can now do stuff with them and know that they’ll be in your life for keeps.


It’s kind of weird being with someone after a period of being single. You find yourself having lovey-dovey feelings and wanting to hold the person’s hand and wanting to tell them that you love them every two minutes.

It’s also weird having to open up your heart on a lovey-dovey level (that’s different to loving friends and family). The mooshy-tooshiness can get a bit overwhelming, but you get used to it once you’ve settled into the relationship, and once you’re settled, it keeps the love flame alive.

Naughty feelings

All of a sudden, you experience naughty thoughts and feelings that you knew where there but never really thought you would experience (for first timers in the love game) or experience again (for those who were once in love).

Naughty feelings will always make you realize that apart from being a good girl who’s always at the forefront of rescuing the world, you’re also a sexual being with a ‘whip and handcuff’ streak to them.


If you’re in a relationship with someone who loves you, cherishes you and respects you, then you’ll experience a lot of joy.

Nothing brings greater joy in life than someone who’s wholly committed to you and whose presence in your life makes you a better person.

So don’t worry when you experience these five feelings once you’ve embarked on a new relationship.

Enjoy the new love to the max.