Left and right people are making new year resolutions. Planning to kick the bad habits while keeping the good ones and also making new plans for the future … well at least till the end of the year. Then it will be another year and the cycle starts all over again. New year resolution lists vary depending on the individual or company. Some embark on that journey to lose weight while others make a vow better themselves financially.

One thing for sure is that these resolutions are not easy to keep. One has got to be so determined and focused to fulfil them and because of that most end up not being fulfilled at all. The list ends up at the bottom of the pile or in the bin. On saying that, it is not easy at all to sometimes keep the focus. All the intentions are there in the first place but then comes along other priorities that sometimes deter one from accomplishing their goals. These things are out of anyone’s control.

Why set yourself new year resolutions? They are important to most because it is good to set goals for your business, and yourself. In order to excel or to be be successful in life one has got to make a plan. Goal setting is the foundation of a successful journey. And if you fail this time, give it another shot next time.

… Some of EA (ElleAfrique) bloggers were kind enough to share their new year resolutions.

Vivienne Amijee, an economist and gender advocate from Nairobi, Kenya had this to say; “Having completed campus in April, 2013 has been a year of great lessons. Applying for jobs that never come by, trying to prove to family that you can manage on your own knowing well you still need their assistance, discovering friends who are seasonal and those you want to keep.

Vivienne Amijee

Vivienne Amijje

Lessons and experience are the best teachers, the wise men say.

Luck is totally on my side. Got a job today on the 31st of December, 2013. There’s always light ahead of the tunnel. I plan to spend my new year’s eve working on a vision board so I get a visual display of how 2014 should be executed. The theme is focus and development. Its time to shine and live to my full potential.”

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. – Carl Bard

For Nellie Vigneron, a mother and an avid reader living in Atlanta, Georgia told us that quitting smoking is her only 2014 new year resolution.

And Olive Nakiyemba, a Ugandan radio and music producer in Kampala, Uganda plans to –

“1. Write more and regularly 2. Workout regularly (a girl has got to look fine at all times) 3. Learn to play a musical instrument 4. Go some place with an ocean; most preferably Cape Town and or Zanzibar. 5. Be a better person, friend, sister and daughter 6. Live more. Love more. 7. Just do it.”

Olive Nakiyemba

Olive Nakiyemba

So, for whatever reason you are setting your new year resolutions, here at ElleAfrique Magazine, we wish you all the success and the best that 2014 has to offer. Go get them tiger!