By Vivienne Amijee

Yesterday was the final day of the 100 days campaign of celebrating African print, African designers, African fabric, African jewellery/accessories, make up and everything of African fashion.

The ceremony was graced by fashion lovers who had positive feedback on Diana Opoti’s campaign Of giving a platform to designers from various parts of the continent. For them to be recognized and their pieces purchased by people who didn’t know they existed prior to the show.

Diana’s feedback on the whole 100 days of African fashion is that she noticed that is the industry is so repetitive and this is due to the fact that designers are not daring to be different. “We are recycling the same concept and expecting something different.” She adds.

My take from all this is that we hardly support our own. We are so eager to wear clothes from over seas instead of appreciating designers who are working so hard to make it in an already saturated field.PR and marketing are also key concepts in the fashion scene. Designers need to come up with placement and great campaign strategies to get their work recognized for their pieces to be purchased.

Diana’s next project is #TheMustHaves, this will highlight what is trendy and chic in the closet for a certain time or season. She challenged the men in the room to take up the campaign and highlight designers who make them look stylish. I can’t wait see who will take up the challenge.


Now that African fashion is alive and full of potential, all it it takes is you and me to believe that and embrace our own.