KOB Fabrik

30th May 2013 Teakisi 2

We first became aware of KOB Fabrik, when Tracy sent us an email informing us of her work. “I would like to introduce to you KOB Fabrik, an art studio developing innovative fabric concepts”, says Tracy […]


See Africa Differently

19th May 2013 Teakisi 5

The exploitation of Africa as a continent and as a people is fast fading away. Over the last few years the media hype around Africa has suddenly been remarkable, no longer is Africa just a […]


The Beauty Of Your Scars

8th May 2013 Teakisi 8

More often than we would care to admit, we women are bullied into feeling shame when our spouses cheat on us or abuse us. We are forced to carry the burden and guilt of being […]


Fighting Against Female Genital Mutilation

3rd May 2013 Teakisi 7

On November 25th last year, I first came across the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women and on Feb 6th I became aware of another event, the International Day of Zero Tolerance against […]


Being Superwoman: Justine Nameere

4th April 2013 Teakisi 6

 Superpower: (n) An ability one possesses which one usually does not want the world to know about. The term ‘Superwoman’, more often than not, may be used to describe a woman who has it all […]