We are excited to be bringing you once again Sherehe – after the success of the first one that was held in April this year!

Sherehe is Swahili for party or festival. The purpose of this multicultural party is to bring people together and push diversity to the forefront. With this get together, Teakisi aims to celebrate cultural diversity with the hope of creating awareness amongst the various communities of Newcastle and increase the pivotal need of appreciating and respecting the multicultural values & heritages of different communities.

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This will be a free family friendly event which means everyone (including number of children) must register and have a ticket, so please make sure you grab yours before they run out!

Our host this time will be the Discovery Museum, with the event taking place in their beautiful Great Hall. Come along and join us for delicious African cuisine, with children’s flag making activities, stalls with exciting things to do and buy from including world music.  Refresments will be provided too.

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Teakisi thanks Newcastle City Council Community Fund and Discovery Museum for making it possible for us to put this event together.  The overall idea is to support activities and interventions to reduce the impact of coronavirus on certain communities within Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

The Discovery Museum doesnt offer free parking spaces, so please plan your journey accordingly. Where possible, we strongly advise to also take a covid test before attending the event.

Event Details

Date: 1st October 2022

Doors Open: 12:00PM

Event Ends: 16:00PM


Discovery Museum, Blandford Square,Newcastle, NE1 4JA

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