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International Women’s Day is a holiday celebrated on the 8th day of March every year. It originates from labour movements of the early 20th century and has now became one of the most significant dates where the whole world celebrates women’s successes in politics, economy, education, arts and culture. Furthermore, the goal of IWD is to spread awareness about some of women’s most important rights related to gender equality, full access to sexual & reproductive health and the prevention of gender-based violence.

At Teakisi, we fight for the recognition of the women’s incredible contributions to society – both on the global & local level. In year 2022, the theme of IWD is #BreakTheBias. The campaign asks you to cross your arms in solidarity to call out gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping. Together, we can forge women’s equality.

The 2021 them was #ChooseToChallege, 2020 theme was #EachforEqual; 2019’s was #BalanceforBetter. In 2018, the theme of International Women’s Day was #PressforProgress, the 2017 Women’s Day theme was #BeBoldforChange, and the 2016 theme was #PledgeforParity. All of them highlight factors that are necessary to achieve gender equality & signify some of the problems that women face in today’s world. 

As an organisation dedicated to the inclusion of African women within the community, we want to pay special attention to the experiences of women with African heritage and highlight their impact on the local community. To truly capture the theme of this year’s IWD, we call for an intersectional attitude that will recognise that gender bias can be further fuelled by racial & ethnic biases. 

This year, we asked our local and wider network members of our community to give all women a quote in solidarity with this year’s campaign to openly fight gender bias, discrimination, violence, stereotypes and social exclusion. We believe that the IWD initiative can truly improve the socio-political perception of women in our society. 

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