This training session is to equip the community with blogging skills and tools that will allow you to promote yourselves and your work. This will  also include mental health promotion that encompasses accessing services and online resources, basic psychological approaches (eg. CBT), adopting and maintain healthy lifestyles, culture, social capital, collective community action, and tips for maintaining mental wellbeing in an every changing environment (eg. Working from home)

This is an educations session and is in two part session. The first part will cover mental health, whilst the second covering blogging. There will be activities and discussions, a safe space to ask questions, share experiences in your life and participate in interactive aspects of the sessions.

We currently plan to deliver the training face to face over 3 hours, with breaks in between. This course will follow strict social distancing, hygiene and other safety precautions which means if not possible, we will deliver it via zoom. There is also a post session questionnaire to complete.

Each training session will endeavour to achieve:

  • Promoting digital literacy and mental health 
  • Promoting a community approach instead of individual
  • Promote Teakisi as a community resource
  • Enable participants to adopt a healthier lifestyle


We will also provide each participant with a personalised A5 notebook that will both include take home information, as well as space to take notes, including relevant mental health worksheets.

We aim to make this more than just a mental health and blogging promotion after we found the lack of creative and digital skills kept people offline, or from promoting their own small and large businesses, including poor mental health.

Information and booking

This Blogging & Mental Health Promotion session is funded by the Community Health Fund:

Date: 5th August 2021

Venue: The Beacon, Westgate Road, Newcastle, NE4 9PQ

StartMorning Session: 9:15 – 12:30 and Afternoon Session: 13:13 – 16:30


The programme is free to all Newcastle city residents. To book yourself onto either the morning or afternoon session, click on the link below.

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